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          Latest announcement: Bazhou Huaxin Jiayuan Stair Manufacturing Factory is a professional manufacturer of finished staircases with various materials. The products are various in variety and reasonable in price. Look for Bazhou stairs, steel and wood stairs, indoor stair manufacturers, stair fittings can contact us. 13131653404,13166525504
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          Address: Langfang Industrial Zone, Hebei Province

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              Bazhou Huaxin Jiayuan Stair Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing finished staircases of various materials such as wood, steel and wood, stainless steel, wrought iron, glass, etc. The factory is oriented to meet various consumer groups. People-oriented, improving the quality of life, safety, fashion, beauty is the purpose of Huaxin Jiayuan stairs. First-class quality, first-class management, and first-class service are our goals.
             Huaxin Jiayuan stairs are easy to plan, save space, see through ventilation, unique style, novel style, luxurious and solemn, so that the owner can fully appreciate the warmth of "home" in the work, and reflect the owner"s high quality life, and Set off the noble status of the owner.
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